PCB´s with swedish CAM-engineering,
quality control and support since 1975.



For many years we have been known to be a fast and reliable supplier of prototype cards. We are very proud of the rumor and are constantly working to keep the same high standard.

We have for some time the service "quote on-line" on the website, so that you will be able to obtain a useful and quick quote on the PCB you specify. The PCB´s are of course, for example. soldermasked and testeed, and of the same high quality you're used to.

For more complex PCB´s, exclusive materials, panels and breakout pins, etc., refer you to our regular contacts with us.

  • Why Multi-Teknik?

  • Swedish quality control

  • All orders from Multi-Teknik, have been checked by us according to our quality control program, regardless of volume or lead time.

  • Swedish CAM engineering

  • Fast and efficient production processing by Swedish personnel in Sweden. We can support you with product criticism, project management and we are used to be involved from the start.

  • Technical experience and knowhow

  • Own production 1975-2008. Import and trading of printed circuits since 1986, Italy and Korea. Virtually all employees have many years of production experience.

Multi-Teknik 40 years 1/11 2015

tisdag 14 april 2015

Multi-Teknik 40 years 1/11 2015  More »

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