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COVID-19 Information (2020-06-09)

How does the pandemic affect the transportation of PCBs?

Globally, air cargo capacity is around 74% of normal, while the route from Asia to
Europe right now is at about 90% during May (compared with May 2019). Both "wide body passengers" and regular cargo flights are included in these figures.
Although there is apparently good access to capacity on flights from China, we also know
that many countries' authorities are building stocks with healthcare material for a possible second wave of the epidemic. This, together with China's increased controls on PPE
(personal protection equipment), has a significant impact on access and transit times.

Although the pandemic seems to have culminated in Europe and Asia, the effects and variations in the capacity and price of aircargo will most likely last for some period. Especially when many countries in Europe are now opening up their economies and the demand is increasing.
Since Multi-Teknik has logistics and quality centers in both China and Hongkong, we work
intense week by week, managing goods by supply and demand. Our agreements with major freight companies also ensures that we get high priority when the capacity is to be distributed.

PCB Production in China
Our factories in China now have an average capacity of about 90% and increasing.
A certain shift in delivery time is mainly noticed on large volumes and is mostly related with backlog in the factories since China made its big lockdown at the beginning of the epidemic.
We find the present average of + 5 working days for larger volumes.
For prototypes and quick turnarounds, we are up to full capacity and have no extended
delivery times.

PCB Production in Europe
For prototypes manufactured within the EU and for solder stencils, we are at full capacity
and only one day extra for shipping that may be added.