Many people today know that it is an advantage to be established in China.
The risk is otherwise great that you accidentally buy from traders or
ghost factories, etc. To have a good contact with the production and being
often on site, provides a stability that is difficult to get at a distance. We have
been there since 2006, with Swedish staff speaking and reading Chinese fluently
and think we have accumulated extensive experience of operating in China.
The main task is to evaluate manufacturers and continuously check the quality
of all orders before leaving the country. Since 2019, we are also established in
Hong Kong, to increase flexibility.

With our Chinese engineers, we handle what can be a problem if you are not near production.

Freight is expensive and is a considerable in the total cost, but varies greatly depending on what continuous flow you can offer the freight company. With ours average of 1.7 tonnes / week, we pay about a fifth of what a “one-time customer” does. Being a significant customer of a freight company can also make crucial priorities when global problems occur, such as the Covid-19 outbreak.

You should have an organization that handles the flow of engineering questions that arise after ordering. Then it is good if you have done control and CAM preparation of the files yourself. If you have experience and control of the files, you dont need to bother the customer or the designer with the myriad questions that often arise at Chinese factories. It also gives an advantage to know what you have ordered, when you afterwards check the PCB.

Credit is uncommon in China and you have to be prepared for prepayment. Only after long cooperation and continuous orders, you can pay upon deliveryor even better with 10-20 days credit.

It is obvious that you have visited the factory on site. And as we mentioned earlier is evaluation and follow-up very important. If you still faces the fact that the printed circuit boards do not meet specifications, it is a great advantage that the delivery has not left China. It will otherwise be very costly and time consuming to return the boards to the factory.

Engineer controling a cross section sample